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Blackpool's Trams have carried a variety of different fleet liveries (colours) over the years. On this page we present an overview of all the main variations from the early 1900s to today. We try to show each type of car where we have appropriate photos. When compared directly some of the modern liveries are more or less just copies of earlier paint schemes (usually getting more simple, e.g. omitting fancy stripes and such frolics).


This livery is inspired by the different Metro Coastlines liveries now carried by the bus fleet for each bus route. No two cars are the same yet (except for matching Twin Car trailers).

carried by (y = yellow):
636 (line 14 dark green & y)
671/81 (2 green & y)
672/82 (1 orange & y)
673/83 (11 turquoise & y)
674/84 (4 purple & y)
675 (5 red & y)
710 (7 dark pink & y)
724 (5 red & y)

1990s REFURB (green & cream & black)

Refurbished (fitted with new windows) or rebuilt cars and the two Jubilee cars received the 1990s version with additional black paint around the windows (sometimes more, sometimes less black). Nos.630/2 also briefly had the black paint around the windows despite not having flush mounted glazing. Some cars (for a time) received non standard livery with green band, cream roof stripe and grey skirt (nos. 707/9 & 761/2).

today carried by:
707, 709, 711

1990s (green & cream)

A modern simple use of the standard colours, but different on the single and double deck cars (introducing all green centre doors):

today carried by:
5, 604 , 675/85, 676/86, 677/87, 715, 716, 717
1990s HANDY BUS (black & yellow)

Blackpool's new mini buses carried this special livery when new and only tram no.602 was repainted like them. No.606 carries a similar livery with blue "on top" instead of black and no.607 carries green instead of black.

today carried by:
1980s ROUTEMASTER (red & white)

When Blackpool bought some London Routemaster buses they were repainted into this pre-1933 livery. Only trams no.604 &701 ever carried this very attractive livery.

today carried by:

1980s (green & cream)

One single stripe of green below the windows describes best this livery. Double deckers also had another narrow green stripe added above the lower deck windows (no.701 was repainted without that additinal stripe but received it later). From 1982-1987 off-white was the base coat, with cream on the few 1987/8 repaints (nos. 679/703 carry cream).

today carried by:
8, 679, 703

1970s OMO (red & off-white)

Later the OMO cars were repainted into this livery.

today carried by:
1970s OMO (crimson & sunshine yellow)

When the OMO cars where new they ran in this unusual livery.

today carried by:
late 1960s-70s (green & cream)

Simple with no extras. Well, one "extra" was the orange tower adopted in 1964 but abandoned on repaints from 1970. Cream was replaced by off-white in 1977.

today carried by:
663, 702, 708

late 1950s/early 1960s (green & cream)

In the 1960s the livery was simplified. The Boat Cars received a minute green band along the top of the body panels (omitting the "V" on the front).

today carried by:

1950s TWIN CAR (cream)

When the Railcoaches converted to Twin Cars entered service they operated in all over cream.

today carried by:
1950s (green & cream)

The single deck cars lost the dark wartime livery in the 1950s but kept some of the "curves" (most had the "V" & "curves" filled in with green). The new Coronation cars carried two simple green stripes (loosing the the top stripe in the 1960s). Boat no.600 carries 1950s livery today which is almost identical to the 1930s paint scheme (only then they had green lamp surrounds).

today carried by:
228, 304, 600, 660

1940s WARTIME (green & cream)

This dark livery was adopted during the war.

today carried by:
167, 605, 700,

1930s (green & cream)

1933 saw the introduction of green & cream. When the Streamliners joined the fleet these carried more elegant "curves". Boats carried a green "V" (nose) on the front, as did some Brush Railcoaches (nos.294-303).

today carried by:
48, 49, 147, 159, 226, 701, 706

pre-1933 (red & white/cream)

Before the introduction of the familar green & cream colours Blackpool's trams operated for many decades in various red & cream liveries.

today carried by:
31, 40, 59, 144, 166

early days (brown or "wood")

Before red & white we had various paint schemes mainly featuring dark "wood like" colours (like on the Tramroad).

today carried by:
619 & Tramroad 2, 40